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Plant-based Eggs? YES! Thanks to Josh Tetrick.

Josh Tetrick makes real change in the world. Literally.


We all know about the Beyond Burger and the Impossible Whopper, but what about eggs made from mung beans?  On this episode of the Awesome Vegans Podcast and Video Series, CEO of JUST, inc, Josh Tetrick joins me to discuss the national launch of JUST Eggs, a liquid food that scrambles up just like eggs but without the destruction to animals, the planet and human health. 

JUST Eggs is now launched nationally in Whole Foods, Costco, Kroger and Ralph’s.

Josh Tetrick with JUST Mayo

Truly a maverick in the plant-based food world, Josh said this in 2018 to Food News Magazine, “The objective for our company isn’t to be a nice little company that gets spun off to Nestle for about $500 million. That’s not what I care about. The objective is to try to move, to try to shift things in a more dramatic way.” 

Josh Tetrick on Awesome Vegans

Josh and I discuss his vision for the future of food, famine and the planet (video below), the launch of JUST Eggs, a marketing snafu they had early on and quickly corrected and future products including, cultured cell meat. You will want to hear it in his own words, but, in short, Josh’s vision is for liquid eggs to be distributed around the world similarly to how soda is distributued: the syrup is distributed and the bottling takes place on location. According to Josh, JUST Eggs could be affordably distributed globally to end human famine and the suffering of billions of chickens.

Don’t go anywhere, this podcast is literally about your future.

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Josh Tetrick on Awesome Vegans

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