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CEO of Initiate Impact, Bob DePasquale, joins me on The Plantbased Business Hour to discuss the importance of donating your time to a cause and not just your dollars. Initiate Impact offers the service of freeing up time cluttered by financial tasks so that you can put that time towards values that are important to you.

Below is a short clip and transcription from our long-form conversation.

Elysabeth: I want to bring on Bob DePasquale of Initiate Impact. Bob, thanks for being with me.

I want to understand. So if people are just saying, “ah I’ve identified one, two, three charities and said I should do it so I do it and I write the check and therefore I feel kind of balanced in my actions.” You’re telling them to give time as well as money? Is that right? I’m kind of reading in between the lines because you didn’t mention time, but not everybody has time, so that’s why I want to ask what you’re really talking about if you want to see them deploy extra resources.

Bob DePasquale: Yes time, it’s our most precious commodity they say right? My story of generosity in my life, I’ll spare you maybe a twenty minute story. I’d be more than happy to share but in the instance of time, speaking of time, I won’t share the whole thing. But I will say one of the lessons I learned is we don’t know how much time we actually have to do things in our lives and generosity is one of those things that I feel like should be at the top of our list.

So when you talk about the opportunities that we have, I think if we can give more time for those things that will spark not only our own efforts but it will spark other people’s efforts because they see what we’re doing. So your five minutes or your half hour or your hour or your three hours volunteering on a Saturday morning is worth exponentially more than just those three hours because people see you getting involved. That’s another reason why I believe it.

So yes, absolutely. This is kind of a sales pitch for Initiate Impact to be quite honest with you because that’s what we do. We take those tedious things off your plate and then we help you find the purpose of the things that are most meaningful and that way you have more time and more direction on where you want to spend it. I’ll be honest Elysabeth, this is anecdotal evidence but I’d say that it’s probably 50-50 between the number of people that we council and work with that either A, don’t believe or don’t have the time or B, don’t actually know where they want to spend it. So we work through those two things.

Can we free up more time and then once we have the time where specifically- not just “oh I want to volunteer” or “I want to give my time to something.” That’s not enough. We’re very detailed on this. We want to identify exactly where you can do it because we know the best place for you to be is the one that’s most meaningful because that’s going to motivate you more, you’re going to be better at it because you’ll have more energy to do it, and then the people that see you involved in this cause are going to be that much more motivated because you have more energy.

So absolutely all of it. Time is vitally important so if you have time, terrific, but I bet you can find more.

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