Recipe Creation, Events & Classes

Elysabeth Alfano

For businesses seeking to enter into and benefit from, both financially and via public relations, the rapidly growing plant-based market, we offer the following: 

*Overview: Presentation of the market and where it is headed; Public Speaking and Seminars

*Restaurant Menu Development: Recipe Delivery or Consultation for original menu additions utilizing meat alternatives, vegetables or a combination therein. Working directly with chef and management for recipes that are on brand. Helping restaurants target the vegan market to increase traffic, PR and revenue. 

*Product Sampling Through Events: Bringing together plant-based suppliers looking to sample their products and individuals and organizations looking to experience plant-based food events. For examples of past events, click here.

*Media Strategy, Marketing, Event Planning, PR and Execution for Profit and Non-Profit


For Corporations or individuals looking to increase nutritional awareness, good eating habits and skills in the kitchen, I offer: 

*Corporate Cooking, Eating, Nutrition and Education Classes; Employee Wellness Events,

*Public Speaking and Seminars 

*Personal Coaching, Menu Plans, Cooking Classes (in person and on-line), Weekly Consults and Kitchen/Shopping Reorganization