Toni Okamoto, Author of Plantbased on a Budget

The Plantbased Business Hour

Author of Plant-based On A Budget and influencer Toni Okamoto discusses her new book, Plant-based On A Budget: Quick and Easy, and her business plan for influencership. It’s a thing.

It’s a special Plantbased Business Hour for inflationary times!

Specifically, we discussed

  1. The business of being an influencer.
  2. How she came to grow an audience of 600k followers by being true to herself AND becoming a best-selling author.
  3. Why she decided to focus on the topic of ‘plant-based on a budget.’

Here is a short cliip from our long-form conversation.

Elysabeth: What do you wish you knew ten years ago that you know now?

Toni Okamoto: I wish ten years ago that I knew that this would be my life. I wish I knew then when I was trying to figure out what would earn me money that would make me happy. I sometimes feel like it’s easy to let go of our dreams and our passions for the sake of being comfortable and having to not worry about your rent or where your food comes from. At that time, I thought that I was going to either have to sacrifice working at a nonprofit and not getting paid well to live my passion, or that I would have to go to a job that I didn’t love that was not my passion to earn to give. And now I know that I’m able to use business as a source of good in the world and give back on a daily basis to something that also fuels my heart.

Elysabeth: Yeah, how inspiring. I think that’s dreamy. I think that’s really what everyone shoots for, is to take their passion and make it something they can do every day and feel like they’re making a difference in the world while they grow their business and help people. It is indeed dreamy.


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