Dick Munson, Author of Tech to Table

The Plantbased Business Hour

Author Dick Munson (Tech To Table) discusses the many entrepreneurs he researched that are taking novel approaches to shifting the global food supply system on The Plantbased Business Hour.

Specifically, we discuss the following regarding Tech To Table:

  1. What is creative destruction and why is it happening now?
  2. What are the biggest hurdles to a swift shift in the global food supply system?
  3. How can entrepreneurs gain consumer trust?
  4. Will blockchain technology transform the food supply system?
  5. Novel technologies like precision watering, precision spraying, compostable packaging and blockchain transparency and how they are taking on big ag.

Below is a short clip and transcript from our conversation.

Elysabeth: Author Dick Munson, he is with me today. Thank you for being here.

Dick Munson: What I did find when I started looking for innovators is that almost all of them were not related to the current agricultural system. They were all outsiders. They were bringing their skillset to food and farm sectors. Particularly in plants and cell-based, I mean you see this all the time. All of these people- one used to be a Stanford professor. Uma Valeti used to have a residency at the Mayo Clinic, and they’re using their knowledge, in his case of figuring out how to use stem cells to revitalize people who have had heart attacks.

He suddenly realized he could use stem cells to grow muscle tissue which is essentially meat. So bringing this outside perspective, this confluence of technology, is going back to Eric Schmit’s comment about what’s happening on more of a global scale. I think these outsiders are bringing opportunity and innovation into a sector that has long been conventionalized or undigitalized or unmodernized.

Elysabeth: Yeah, and that to me is the part of creativity in the expression of creative destruction. That coming from the outside and looking at the food supply system in a whole new way with a whole new skill set is part of the reason it’s happening so quickly and why this influx of creativity is just so fascinating.

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