The Wild Ride To Going Grey

Aging backwards

I have had it with hair dye.  I’m done. I’m rockin’ grey and I’m not looking back.

Going Grey…should I? Shouldn’t I? Will I look old? Will people think I am old, even if I’m not? If it giving up? WAHWHAHAHAH! Enough! I am done with over-analyzing! I am done with over-thinking? I am done with self-doubt and I am done worrying about what everyone else thinks.

Why can’t grey hair look great? Why can’t women have grey hair and be beautiful, sexy, attractive? WHY? I am done with society telling me what beautiful is and what sexy is. I am done placing other people’s stereotypes of women front and center. Instead, I am going to be front and center and grey.

This video and this section of my website is internded to show just how gorgeous and fun and daring and funny and outspoken and sexy grey can be. It is also intended to be encouragment (with a heavy dose of laughter!) to women who are considereing going grey but are maybe doubting themselves. I so got you…

There will be recipes and exercise tips, make-up and clothing suggestions and lots of funny, goofy stuff. 50 has never felt better because my attitude and self-confidence are what drives me. Amen.

When we put other people’s opinions and voices in front of our own, we disempower ourselves. But when we speak up for ourselves and stand tall, we not only empower ourselves, but we become more beautiful along the way. More than any other attribute, self-confidence is what is most attractive. Rock yours and never look back! xo

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