Maybe you would like to add more veggies to your life?  Maybe you are thinking of making plant-based dishes for the holidays? or maybe you would like to go completely plant-based? I can help you with all of it!

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*For personalized menu plans,
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New Class: Plant-based Cooking For the Holidays!   11/23: Online-10a-11a PST.

This small intimate on-line class will go over

*the most common challenges people face when trying to cook plant-based for meat eaters for the holidays

*how to turn traditional meat dishes into plant-based options

*original recipes to please meat and plant-based eaters

*open question and answer session to address individual challenges and hurdles with a plant-based diet and lifestyle.

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As the Silver-Chic Chef, I love to keep it simple and healthy. I firmly believe in the power of #AgingBackwards with plant-based recipes. This section of my website is all about doing what is easy and what helps you look and feel vibrant and young, while celebrating what tastes great. Who knew tasting great could also have you feeling great? Most of my recipes require very few ingredients and are things you could make with what is in your fridge. Keepin’ it easy. Keepin’ it healthy. Keepin’ it real and keepin’ it fun.  I have made these recipes on WGN-TV, WCIU-TV, FoodyTV, Good Morning LALA Land and food fests all across America.  To find out where I am cooking next, click here.  And don’t forget you can always support the free on-line video demos by become a Patron on Patreon.

For restaurants seeking to add plant-based options to their menus, click here.