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I had been waiting quite a while to get this interview! Like many, I have long been captivated and inspired by the work of James Aspey. When I got to sit down with him, it took him a while to unwind from his recent speech at Los Angeles’ Animal Rights Conference 2018. And then…we took off!



Activist extraordinaire James Aspey lays it all on the line in this episode of Awesome Vegans with Elysabeth Alfano. From the animal rights conference, James outlines the absurdity of our food system.  He explains how little we have advanced in this area, and the needlessness of our actions. With compelling conviction and facts, James explains in detail why our food system is unsustainable. We also dish on his favorite snacks, go-to meals and tips for going vegan.

Listen in to watch this up-close and personal interview with James Aspey, the man who used to be a carnivorous trainer and then, in learning about the horrors of factory farming, went silent for 365 days in a show of solidarity for the voiceless. His ‘take no prisoners’ stance takes on the issues of factory farming head on. With facts and logic in his argument, it is hard to not be moved by him.

For example, one of the most moving excerpts from our interview is when James talks about the Caveman like way that we get our food. Watch this :60 clip that went viral on instagram to get a first hand glimpse of his passion and determination to change the backwards way we mistakenly try to nourish ourselves.

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