Top Ten Tips for Trimming Your Waistline

Aging backwards

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  1.  Use Garbanzo Bean Liquid to Replace Olive Oil in Salad Dress
  2. Use Mushroom Broth to Replace Olive Oil for Sauteeing
  3. Get an Air-Fryer!
  4. Backed Pumpkin Seeds instead of Chips
  5. Dried and/or Fresh Fruit When You Have a Sweet Tooth.  Don’t underestimate this. Get creative: Dried Jackfruit, Dates, Ripe Bananas, Mango in Season (with Tajin!) are great options.
  6. Edamame!
  7. Veggies instead of Pita Chips with Hummus!
  8. Make Your Own Chips with Corn Tortillas and Tajin
  9. Airpopped Pocorn with Bragg’s Amino Acids and Nutritional Yeast!!
  10. Walk While Taking Phone Meetings

Check out the video for more details!

Elysabeth Alfano

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