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Ethan Brown, CEO of Beyond Meat, joins me in my kitchen on the kick-off interview of Awesome Vegans! And it’s not just Awesome Vegans that has an exciting new start.  In a candid and intimate chat over Beyond Burgers, Ethan also debuts Beyond Sausage with me. YUM!

To listen to my KCRW (NPR member station) interview with Ethan to learn exactly how he gets plants to taste like meat, click here.

Ethan and I discuss the future of food, the basis for plant-based meat and Ethan’s philosophy around changing the world! Beyond Meat, which boasts of investors like Bill Gates, has a line of plantbased burgers, beef crumbles, chicken strips, beast burgers, and now sausage…all made from plant protein.

With jaw-dropping growth, last Spring the Beyond Burgers started in 400 grocery stores and are now in more than 7,000!! Since the burger’s debut, they’ve sold more than 13 million Beyond Burgers. The Beyond Burger is available in the meat case at Jewel and Mariano’s in Chicago, as well as at Whole Foods stores nationwide, where they also just launched Beyond Sausage.

In one of the most interesting topics in our conversation, Ethan shares his keen insider perspective on the future of food.

He also discusses if there is a difference between farm animals and dogs and cats.

and how he eats like an athlete!


Ethan Brown

Beyond Meat Burgers


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