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Dotsie Bausch is the oldest person to medal in the Olympic sport of Cycling, so needless to say that I was thrilled to sit down with her in her kitchen to talk about her modeling career, previous difficulty with anorexia and then finding cycling.

The super-fast and super-cool Olympian, Dotsie Bausch joins me on Awesome Vegans. Over some Beyond Meat Chicken Strips salad with hemp seeds and avocado, we dish on her deep fall after modeling to finding cycling and making it to the olympics, all on a plant-based diet.  While still training and eating like an athlete every day, she now focuses on advocating for animals and her specific work with Compassion Over Killing to end high-speed slaughtering of pigs.

Dotsie is strong, smart and FUNNY! She is also candid and determined to help animals. The advertizing campaign she championed, “Switch 4 Good,” encourages athletes to ditch dairy has the dairy industry piqued. Plus, she gives great tips for switching to dairy alternatives and I chime in with my very favorite breakfast recipe that any one can make in under 3 minutes which has, of course, no dairy!

In addition, her organization Compassion Champs helps newcomers to veganism find their way. Needless to say, Dotsie is a lady who get things done!

One of my favorite clips from this interview is Dotsie explainging why a plant-based diet allows athletes to better compete and why it is cathching on with so many. It is no wonder that Dotsie was also featured in the upcoming, ground-breaking movie, The Game Changers.

Enjoy this interview with Powerhouse Dotsie Bausch and I hope you find her as inspiring as I do. And remember to Switch 4 Good!

Visit NotSoFastUSDA.com to learn more and help pigs. (I signed!) Listen in to the awesome Dotsie Bausch and don’t forget to subscribe to Awesome Vegans on my Elysabeth Alfano Youtube Channel and on iTunes !

Dotsie Bausch Quote from Awesome Vegans Interview

Dotsie Bausch Standing Up for Factory Animals

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