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Can YOU turn your vegan recipe into a household brand? Find our from the EXPERTS! Sadrah Schadel of No Evil Foods is on the Plantbased Business Hour with me. Watch the interview to learn how she went from cooking in her kitchen to a national brand! We talk scaling up, business curve balls, the No Evil Foods iconic packaging and the power of being a mission-driven company.

1:02 Co-CEO and Co-Founder of No Evil Foods, Sadrah Schadel, started in her kitchen and took her vegan recipes and created a company. She was raised vegetarian and worked in restaurants for many years and loved to be surrounded by food. “Ultimately as I wanted to understand food better and want to understand better the origins and the genesis of how food gets to farms and plates…I wanted to grow food myself.” No Evil Foods is based in North Carolina and was created 6 years ago They offer chicken and pig alternatives with fun names like Comrade Cluck and Pit Boss.

5:23 The brand of No Evil Foods includes lots of fun and informative packaging that encourages people to continue to eat plant-based meat and lets them know how it is shrinking their carbon footprint and helping the planet. “No Evil Foods was born under the belief of the power of the individual action to enact global change.” The notes in the packaging are meant to applaud the consumer for their choice to eat plant-based meat instead of animal meat. The packaging is completely compostable, biodegradable and recyclable. Sadrah and her co-founder pulled together $5000 of their own money and started the company together. They rented a kitchen to cook in and then sold their products at local farmers markets until they were able to start distributing it in grocery stores across the country. “We’re learning a lot as we go,” Sadrah says.

20:02 “Our mission and our goal is always A) displace animals from the food system and B) to do good, and that can take a lot of different forms.” No Evil Foods have developed partnerships over the years with many different organizations to help give back one being an organization that takes some of their “wasted” food that is still fine to eat and gives it to those who need it. The company does not spend money on anything that is not vegan friendly because they want every aspect of the company to align with their mission. For example they buy coffee for their team from a brewery that donates 10% of their earnings to animal welfare organizations.
Sadrah Schadel, Plantbased Business Hour
45:30 No Evil Foods increased pay by $2.25 during the height of Covid-19. Sadrah wanted to be able to support her team and provide them a safe place to work during the pandemic. They were inspired by companies like Amazon who increased pay by $2. No Evil Foods is an essential business because they work in food and they had their employees telling them that they not only needed to keep working but that they genuinely wanted to. They’re not only helping their current employees but they’re also actively hiring to help more people. Sadrah’s predictions for the next few years is that similar to the way plant-based dairy products have increased in popularity plant-based meat will do the same.

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