Public Speaking

Elysabeth Alfano

As a plant-based expert, I speak at business and food conferences and summits across the nation on the physical, mental, business and environmental benefits of a plant-based diet. I also do cooking demonstrations.

I also keep listeners and viewers up-to-date on plant-based business and environmental news, new food products, lifestyle issues and recipes. My most recent segments as a plant-based expert were on WGN Radio (The Bill and Wendy Show, The Roe Conn Show, Amy Guth-Saturday Nights, The Patti Vasquez Show), WCPT Radio (Live and Progressive with Joan Esposito), iHeart Radio (KFI, The Fork Report), WCIU-TV (the Jam), WGN-TV (LunchBreak) and NPR’s KCRW (Bodies and Good Food).

To book a speaking or cooking engagement, contact David Craig.

Upcoming talks and cooking demos are below:

August 10 & 11: Chicago Veggie Fest: 2:30p, Cooking Demonstration

September 21: Emcee: California Veg Fest

September 28: Veggie Fest Presents: Cooking Demonstration

October 6:  Talk: The State of the Plant-based Union at the National Vegetarian Museum

October 19-20: All-day Moderator: So Cal Veg Fest

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