Gray Hair Don’t Care

Aging backwards

I had a secret and it was time to let it out. You and Me This Morning was the place to do it. I am so glad that You and Me This Morning had me on the show.

I was so nervous to go to my natural gray hair. People warned me not to. Everyone said I would be old before my time. I was afraid people would write me off or dismiss me as irrelevant. But I was done. I was done with chemicals. I was done with dyes. I was done with the mess and I was done with the expense. And the longer I dyed my hair the more I felt like I was trying to be something I wasn’t, like I was chasing something I could never get. Ultimately, I felt like was disempowering myself. And that’s just not how I roll.

So I decided to get ahead of it. Rather than hide behind dyes, I decided to get out in front and own the silver. It was the best decision I have ever made. Who knew that I would get a whole new lease on life, fashion, style and intrigue just by leaving my gray hair. I was afraid of being dismissed, but the opposite happened.

If you are considering owning your own style…don’t let what other say or think hold you back. With every step you take towards owning who you are, you empower yourself. Go get it, girl. Don’t hold yourself back. Champion your look and style, whatever that is, and make it work for you. Because self-confidence is the only beauty tool you will ever need.


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