Top 10 Tips for Healthy Summer Snacking

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Top 10 Tips For Healthy Summer Snacking (AKA Avoiding Bad Summer Snacking)

With Covid-19 and perhaps a second round, we are all stir-crazy at home and eating up a storm. Here are my tips for healthy snacking, or at the very least avoiding bad snacking! For the full fun effect, watch the vid!

1. Plan ahead with your fav veggies: cut up red peppers, carrots, celery sticks in advance. Or make edamame!
2. Stock up on fruit
3. Have fruit front and center in the fridge for easy access.
4. Hide peanuts (or your favorite fatty snack!)
5. Sign up for my August 8th Jumpstart Your Plantbased Life Class:
6. List out other snacks on your shopping list to make sure you have them around: olives, dried jackfruit, dates are some of my favs.
7. Cucumber and hummus. Always a go-to!
8. Airpoped popcorn with Bragg’s Amino Acid and Nutritional Yeast.
9. Plan a walk during your most snacky times.
10. Go to my 5 Day Plantbased Plan for more ideas.
11. Salt and Pepper It’s Jerky Y’all Jerky with its clean, few ingredients, Non-GMO label. I am all about it.

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