Endurance Athlete Colin O’Brady and Dr. Angie Sedeghi

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Colin O’Brady and Dr. Angie Sedeghi!

This week, explorer, endurance athlete and ten-time world-record-holder Colin O’Brady, the first person to walk unassisted across the land mass of Antarctica, joins me to talk about his expertise with isolation (coronavirus pep talk!) and the diet that fueled his accomplishment. Plus, Gastroenterologist Dr. Angie Sedeghi dials us in to the benefits of a plant-based diet for avoiding cancer. She underscores that dairy is not a healthy food. Listen in to the podcast or watch the video above.

Dr. Angie Sedeghi

Colin O’Brady specifies in the clip below how a plant-based diet allowed him to reach the world’s record as the first unassisted person to cross Antarctica solo. Colin’s New York Times best selling book, Impossible First, details his voyage and personal discoveries, and is out now.

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