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AY Caramba! Sexy Latin Lover, Telemundo game show host (Family Feud, the Price is Right, Minute to Win It and more) and Mega-Podcaster,  Marco Antonio Regil joins me on Awesome Vegans!  Marco and I discuss his podcast, his vegan journey and how he left big sponsorship deal with McDonald’s and other meat companies to follow his plant-based path.  He is now dedicating his time to helping the Latin-American community get healthy in body and mind with his podcast and classes.  I told you: sexy! Get your sexy on: it’s AWESOME VEGANS WEDNESDAY!!

13:08 Mexican television personality Marco Antonio Regil talks about how many delicious fruits and vegetables there are in the different regions of Mexico. Marco and I discuss how Mexican cuisine does not need meat because their cuisine consists of so many delicious fruits and vegetables like corn, beans, rice, avocados, peppers, and more! He emphasizes that “fruits for breakfast is part of our culture” and there is a high variety of fruit in Mexico. “There’s a different culture regarding fruit in Mexico. Here in the U.S. it’s more based on bacon and the sausages for the morning.”
Marco Antonio Regil, Awesome Vegans
20:00 Marco Antonio Regil has his own very successful podcast. The podcast called Marco has had seven million downloads and there have been one hundred thirty episodes. It is a personal development podcast talking about physical health. Vegan diets are a strong part of the podcast because of how much they can better your health. Marco brings doctors and nutritionists onto the show to help educate people. The podcast is available in Spanish on all podcast platforms. People come to his podcast to learn about health and he says “this is for people who are committed to living a better life.”
Marco Antonio Regil, Awesome Vegans
22:04 Surprisingly, thirteen years ago before Marco went vegan he used to be the face of McDonalds and Nestle in Mexico. He was a heavy carnivore until he watched some vegan documentaries about animal cruelty and immediately changed his views and diet. He then resigned his sponsorship for McDonalds and Nestle. “I did not want to be a part of any dynamic where you are torturing someone in order to survive when you don’t need to do that.” He emphasizes that “if I made the change, anyone can.” While Marco’s podcast is in Spanish, you can find more information from him in English on his Instagram page. is where you can find Marco’s online classes which are also in Spanish.

40:10 Marco discusses how ninety percent of our suffering happens in our heads and he uses his podcast and his platform to help those who may be struggling in the latino community. His classes are all about creating a healthy habit for yourself. For eighty percent of the time that Covid-19 has forced people to social distance themselves Marco says he has been very happy because of his healthy mindset and the way he is able to accept himself. He says he sees his friends who don’t read or work on themselves and has noticed that they suffer the most. “I’ve learned so much about myself during these three to four months of Covid-19.” During this time Marco has been able to create his own online courses and in only three months five thousand students have enrolled.

Here is a short clip on why Marco went vegan and how he gave up huge corporate contracts to stick up for his beliefs.

Here is a short clip on what Marco says is “The lies they want us to believe.” He is SO right.

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