Rachel Barton Pine: Rockin’ Violinist and Vegan

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UPDATE 2020: On the Awesome Vegans Influencer Series, I am lucky enough to intervew world-renowned violinist, Rachel Barton Pine again (first video below.) With incredible candor, Rachel explains how she has been vegetarian since birth and largely lactose intolerant. When she researched veganism while pregnant, she cut out dairy in-full and raised her daughter vegan for both of their health and stamina. The two play an incredible duet, around 40:00. NOT TO BE MISSED! Check out http://RachelBartonPine.com and now http://SylviaPine.com! Photo credit: Teressa Crawford.

From our original interview in 2018. On this episode of Awesome Vegans, I’m over the moon to be in the company of Rachel Barton Pine, a world renown violinist and vegan.


Rachel Barton Pine: Rockin' Violinist and Vegan

With over 30 CDs to her credit,  Rachel Barton Pine has played in concert halls all around the world. She is also the founder of the RBP Foundation. She has an amazing lifestyle of being a vegan and teaching her daughter how to do so along the way.

Rachel Barton Pine: Rockin' Violinist and Vegan
Playing Violin is What She Does
Rachel Barton Pine: Rockin' Violinist and Vegan
Rachel Barton Pine playing and having fun

When people think about vegans, perhaps they think about hippies and extremists.  Rachel blows that stereotype to smithereens, showing that all sorts of people can be vegan. As she tackles the world music industry and takes on the demanding life of an internationally traveling and performing violinist, her vegan regime enables her to maintain the stamina she needs.  All the while, she is also showing her daughter how to live a vegan life.

Rachel Barton Pine: Rockin' Violinist and Vegan
Daughter by her side, Rachel tackles the world.

Rachel Plays many genres of music with her violin. Here she plays the blues with a piece from Perkinson called “Louisiana Blues Strut”.


Rachel Barton Pines plays for us a “Gigue in E Major”. This piece is from one of her favorite composers, Bach, from Partita no.3.

As a traveling musician, Rachel shares some tips and tricks for keeping the vegan lifestyle while on the road.

Join me as Rachel Barton Pine and I talk about the negative impacts of animal agriculture and how going vegan can actually help our planet and our health. Also, listen as Rachel performs three times, playing multiple genres of music and even a duet with her daughter, with passion, ferver and exquisite grace that is quintessential Rachel Barton Pine.

Rachel Barton Pine: Rockin' Violinist and Vegan
Pine plays violin with others.


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