Dr. Kim Williams, Vegan Cardiologist

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THIS is the podcast to kick off your New Year’s Resolutions!! Vegan Cardiologist, Past President and current Fellow and Rrustee of the American College of Cardiology and Head of the Cardiology Department at Rush Medical Center, Dr. Kim Williams joins me for an episode of Awesome Vegans.

Dr. Kim Williams and I get into the scientific facts from proven studies about the benefits of a plant-based diet, including lower mortality rates.  Dr. Williams discusses the four properties in animal-based products that cause heart disease, his 7 indicators for heart health, and his favorite party trick.  (Spoiler alert: it’s an app to test your heart health! Don’t you want that?!).

Featured in The Game Changers and What The Health, Dr. Kim Williams shares with why he feels it is “our patriotic duty” to be vegan!

Here is Dr. Williams asking the four KEY questions we should all be able to answer for our health. What is your answer?!

Dr. Kim williams

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