Pastor Robert Munro: Can One Be Religious & Still Eat Animals?

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Can You Be Religious or Spiritual and Eat Animals? Pastor Rob Munro Explains on the Awesome Vegans Influencer Series with me. TUNE IN if you have ever had doubts about holding ethical standards in a place of worship, but then walking out and eating tortured and slaughtered animals.

4:00 Pastor Robert Munro talks about how he turned his life and health around with veganism. After Pastor Munro had his third stroke which left him paralized, he found out through a physician that his stroke was not caused by stress but instead caused by the food he was eating. He immediately switched to a whole food plant based diet with no salt, sugar, or oil. In just twenty six days his paralysis was gone and his speech returned. “Once you stop putting toxicity into your body, it changes.” Pastor Munro made the change to his diet after five decades of eating animal products and in just three to four weeks his body and health transformed. Pastor Munro never doubted his faith in God. He grew up in the Catholic faith and studied with the Jesuits for several years.
Pastor Rob Munro, Awesome Vegans
12:00 Pastor Robert Munro and the members of his church are all vegan activists. Pastor Munro explains how the argument about whether or not people should eat animals has been going on as far back as when Jesus was alive. He reminds us that if you go through the Bible you will not find Jesus eating any meat. There is also a quote in Genesis about how “fruit and seed shall be thy meat.”
Pastor Robert Munro, Awesome Vegans
20:00 There are many inconsistencies in religion and Pastor Robert Munro discusses some of them. One being that in the Bible it says “thou shall not kill” yet most people eat animals quite often and do not see it as a sin. Pastor Munro is a pastor at the Humanitarian church in New York. It is an incredibly strict church. In their documents it explicitly says that they are a vegan church. Pastor Munro and his church are not allowed to sit at a table where animal products are served. The church has a vegan basis which welcomes everyone regardless of race, gender, etc. The main tenant is not to abuse animals and cause them harm. Pastor Munro explains how once you become vegan it is so much easier to have a spiritual connection to God because you do not have violence and death on your plate multiple times a day. For Pastor Munro and the church, consuming animals blocks their connection to God.

32:00 Pastor Robert Munro shares his tips for being an animal activist this holiday season. He says that “whatever your belief is, it will be enhanced by not eating animals.” Here are his tips: 1. Use this holiday season to approach all family members. 2. A great way to go after people is to open up your checkbook. Whoever you spend money with is a candidate to go vegan. Open up the discussion of veganism with them. 3. In whatever religion you celebrate, open the spirituality pathway through veganism. 4. Talk to other people within your passion. If you’re a dietitian, talk to other dietitians. If you’re a yoga instructor, talk to other yoga instructors about veganism. 5. Follow your passion because whatever you’re passionate about, someone will feel your passion.

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