Stefanie Ignoffo’s Extreme Weight Loss Story

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Fab friend Stefanie Ignoffo From Plantspiration brings the Hope For EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS. She and her family lost 250 pounds, by accidentally stumbling on a plant-based diet. They can do it and so can you!

For help transitioning to a plant-based diet, reach out to me at, check out and hit up Stefanie at! Stef and I did it and YOU! CAN! TOO! It’s your health…and it’s time to take it back!

0:00 Stefanie Ignoffo of Plantspiration has high hopes for 2021 and the rise of plant based products. When Stefanie’s daughter was fifteen she told her she wanted to go vegan. Her mom thought she was crazy but went along with the diet anyways. After seeing the results and learning more about the health benefits, the whole family was on board with the plant based lifestyle. The family lost 250 pounds in total and became a lot healthier and gained more energy. Stefanie struggled with obesity for most of her life and none of the previous diets she tried worked, until she went vegan. Stefanie was the typical American mom who thought that as she and her husband got older they would simply get bigger and sicker. She is now here to prove that is not the case and there are ways to avoid those outcomes.
Stefanie Ignoffo, Awesome Vegans

7:00 Stefanie Ignoffo uses the phrase “it’s like eating yourself out of the grave” because she and her husband were very sick and eating a whole foods plant based diet saved them. Now that Stefanie is vegan it is hard for her to see others around her eat so poorly and watch as their diet brings on their chronic illnesses. Stefanie went from using a walker and being on many different types of medication to biking 100 miles a week with no pills. Initially people thought Stefanie and her family were crazy for going vegan, but as time went on they began to ask them for help on how to be healthier. Through Plantspiration, Stefanie sees people embracing veganism and using plant based burgers and cheeses to help them become vegan. The main reasons for people coming to Stefanie with questions about veganism is for those wanting to lose weight and those who are plant based but are wondering why they are not seeing results.
Stefanie Ignoffo, Awesome Vegans
15:00 Stefanie Ignoffo emphasizes that you can eat as much as you want on a whole foods plant based diet so she tells people who aren’t seeing the results they want to simply eat more. Eat more grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables and that’s when you will see the scales move. The main thing that holds people back is not eating enough. The reason people eat meat is more because of the spices on them than the actual meat itself so you can just take out the meat and use those spices with plants. Stefanie also talks about how important it is to have fiber in your diet. “It gets rid of excess hormones within our body, boosts our metabolism, keeps us fuller longer, stops us from overeating and it keeps our gut biome healthy.” The joy and confidence of taking back your own health is amazing.

27:00 One of Stefanie Ignoffo’s favorite recipes is her nachos. She didn’t think she would be able to make delicious casseroles that are plant based until she found the right recipes and experimented with plant based ingredients. One of Stefanie’s tips for those who want to go vegan is to surround yourself with whole grains and fruits and vegetables. “Everybody’s hitting the gyms but nobody’s hitting the grocery carts.” If you want to lose some weight and get healthy, your diet is the best place to start. Get anything bad out of the kitchen and shop in advance so you know you have healthy things available at the ready. Stefanie has a support group for Plantspiration which she recommends for people so they don’t feel like they have to go through the diet change alone.


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