Elysabeth Alfano

Maybe you would like to add more veggies to your life?  Maybe you are thinking of making plant-based dishes for the holidays or the new year? Maybe you would like to go completely plant-based? I can help you with all of it!

*For group or individual cooking classes or public speaking,

*For personalized menu plans,

*For personal coaching, weekly consults and shopping direction and a healthy kitchen re-organization, contact me at

In the arena of restaurant and food product recipe development, I offer

  1. Restaurant Vegan Recipe Development/Menu Strategy
  2. Small Business Food Product Recipe Development
  3. Sampling Events

As a Licensed Food For Life Instructor with the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine and with a Certificate in Nutrition Studies from T. Colin Campbell’s Center for Nutrition Studies at Cornell University, I offer

  1. Corporate Employee Wellness Programs (Cooking, Nutrition, Classes, Events)
  2. Public Speaking and Seminars 
  3. Personalized Classes and Coaching on a case by case basis.  

For a better understanding of Emplyee Wellness Food For Life Classes, see below.


REGISTER HERE FOR MY NEXT CLASS: Jumpstart Your Plant-based Life ON-Line on June 20th 

In this small, intimate, on-line class you will learn

*the most common challenges people face when transitioning or trying to go plant-based

*how to turn traditional meat dishes into plant-based options

*original recipes to please meat and plant-based eaters

*foods to get out of the kitchen and food to get in the kitchen

*shopping tips and ingredients label reading tips

*how to structure your weekly plant-based menu

*general information about the cultural shift towards plant-based

*open question and answer session to address individual challenges and hurdles with a plant-based diet and lifestyle.

For restaurants and food companies looking for recipe development, click here.

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