5-Day Meal Plan Challenge

Welcome to my 5-Day Plant-based Challenge!  I am Certified in Plant-based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies at Cornell University and a Plant-based Coach. I love helping people the transition to a plant-based lifestyle, which is why I want you to think of these next five days as your chance to feel better!  The bottom line is that you have to advocate for yourself and your health, and that starts today!  For Corporate Wellness Classes, visit here. 

Some helpful hints for you to be a huge succes:

a. Shop in advance.  Get your fridge stocked so you have what you need and don’t go grazing crazy.

b. Cook in advance.  If you are starting this on a Monday, spend some time cooking on a Sunday, so that many things will be ready exactly when you need them.

c. You can switch recipes around from one day to the next.  You don’t have to follow the order. If you don’t have time for one recipe, but have leftovers of another recipe from the day before, that works! Reach out to me if you need substitutions for specific ingredients or if you have a time constaint and want a fast recipe swap! You can also see the videos at the bottom of the 5-Day Challenge for recipe swap ideas.

d. Quick tips to keep the calories down: exchange extra-virgin olive oil when sautéing with mushroom broth, and exchange garbanzo bean aquafaba for olive oil in salad dressings.

e.  This is NOT meant to be a weight loss routine (although that could be your benefit).  For a specific weight loss routine, consider contacting a doctor or a dietitian. For the very best results, continue to exercise during these 5 days.

e. Reach out to me for any guidance, questions, and comments. Mostly, let me know how it goes at Elysabeth@ElysabethAlfano.com !  For Corporate Wellness Classes, visit here.