Dr. Glenn Livingston on How To Stop Binge Eating

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GET OFF THE ROLLERCOASTER! NEVER BINGE EAT AGAIN! Learn the tips that will change your life on the Awesome Vegans Influencer Series. Today’s guest: plant-based Dr. Glenn Livingston who gives us all the life hacks to succeed and NEVER BINGE EAT AGAIN! Wow — not only life changing, but life affirming! To get his free book, visit here. To get on track with my 5-Day Meal Plan, visit here. To get all the help you need to start Your Plant-based Life, join me for my class on August 8th (register here.) Finally, if having meal plans delivered is how you control for quality, no junk food and quantity, you can order from Veestro.com AND use the code ALFANO to get 20% off. Remember to use the code ALFANO for the discount. 

5:00 Dr. Livinston says one of the main reasons for binge eating is that major food companies have created foods that hit all of the cravings in our brain but never truly satisfy us nutritionally — leading us to want more. These foods are incredibly addictive and people want good news about their bad habits. “I think it’s so much better that we have processed vegan foods than processed animal foods because we’re stepping away from animal agriculture and there’s less torture and suffering on the planet.” Willpower is the ability to make good decisions and Dr. Livingston says people can only make so many good food decisions in a day which is why people make better food decisions in the morning than in the evening. Rather than having to make the decision every day about a certain food, plan it in advance so maybe you only cheat or have that food on Sundays or the last few days of the month.
Dr. Glenn Livingston, Awesome Vegans

15:45 Even though people do it, they still associate a lot of negativity with binge eating. The negativity you hear from yourself after making a mistake is actually binge motivated. “When you draw the line and find the separation from your inner negative thoughts, it actually gives you freedom instead of restriction.” Dr. Livingston emphasizes the fact that discipline creates freedom. Over time the rules you’ve made for yourself about certain foods don’t become rules and just become a part of who you are, such as someone who only eats chocolate on weekends. Rules you make don’t have to be restrictive. They can also add things to your diet such as making sure you have two full glasses of water when you wake up every morning. Behavioral rules are important too, for example “I’ll never eat in front of the TV again.”

Never Binge Again book

24:00 Dr. Livingston says every binge is a learning opportunity and you should collect your evidence toward success. Maybe you broke one rule but not the other, or maybe you stopped the binge after a couple hours versus a couple days. Some people just say to themselves that they’ll simply ‘eat when they’re hungry and stop when they’re full’ but Dr. Livingston says that “the industry has broken our hungry and full meters with all this processed food.” Weight loss shouldn’t be your main focus when you switch your diet. Your main focus should be feeling better, being in control, or clarity of mind.

Dr. Glenn Livingston, Awesome Vegans

32:00 Dr. Livingston also shared his top ten tips to stop binge eating. 1. Use hard and fast rules rather than guidelines. 2. Reject the illusion of powerlessness at all costs. 3. Separate your thoughts into clearly constructive vs. clearly destructive when it comes to food. Define an inner enemy. 4. Commit with perfection but forgive yourself with dignity. 5. Optimize your Food Plan / Diet for both safety and satisfaction, as if you were a city traffic planner! 6. Turn shame into anger. Get angry at Big Food, Big Advertising, and Big Addiction Treatment. 7. Accept that your hungry and full meter may be broken, and you may need external, more objective controls for a while. 8. Start with One Simple Rule! 9. Prepare a healthy binge in advance. Elysabeth’s is Air-Popped Popcorn with Bragg’s. 10. When the urge to binge attacks, try to walk or exercise it off.

Here are the cliff notes for never binge eating again!

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