Milk Category Takeover! Co-Founder of Califia Farms, Greg Steltenpohl

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Plant-based milks represent 14% of the milk category…it’s time for a full takeover. Market leader and Co-Founder of Califia Farms, Greg Steltenpohl, is on the Plantbased Business Hour with me. TUNE IN to know the disrupted future of dairy and the next generation business models that will succeed.

1:30 Greg says Califia Farms thinks of themselves as a plant based health and wellness company. In the beginning of Covid-19 people ate comfort foods and now in the later period people are starting to realize that they need to eat a healthier diet to help boost their immune system. “Now in the later covid period we are seeing a lot of exploration again.” Greg says plant based milks have done extremely well during Coronavirus because they take drinks that consumers already love like lattes and simply make them vegan. It feels very personalized because there are so many options. Califia also makes coffee concentrates and coffee creamers. They want to bring the morning coffee experience into your own fridge and home. “Looking at things creatively is a big part of Califia’s success.”

16:00 Califia Farms also has two types of plant based butter, one from avocado oil and one from olive oil. They are even better than regular butter in terms of taste and safety because they do not splatter or brown when they are cooked. Coronavirus has made it the time for the informed consumer. People are learning a lot more about plant based diets and how it can positively affect their health. It’s a very exciting time for plant based milk and dairy companies. Greg also talks about how when some big companies choose to get involved in the plant based market they tend to take shortcuts. Califia’s butter may not be the cheapest plant based butter on the market but that is because they use ingredients that are healthier for people and better for the environment.
Greg Steltenpohl, Plantbased Business Hour
43:00 Greg mentions that when you decide to drink a glass of plant based milk instead of animal milk you are saving a pound of carbon per pint. “The single act of becoming a vegan, in a planetary sense, is more impactful than buying an electric car, shifting over your house to solar and more.” During Coronavirus times Califia Farms has looked for ways to communicate in a fun and engaging way on digital platforms. They have been creating animations around their latest product launches and featuring them as part of a bigger campaign. They are also looking to collaborate with retailers in order to get the message out to younger consumers.

56:00 Greg talks about in Target the index of the percentage of what might be called specialty milk is more than fifty percent. That includes organic milk, not just plant based. “But it is not conventional milk, and that has already gone past fifty percent and you know the rate of growth of plant milk compared to organic milk is much steeper now. So the curves are gonna intersect and we are gonna pass the fifty percent mark and I’ll put my money down on the ten year mark.” Greg predicts that in ten years plant based milks will reach half of the milk market. He also talks about how bigger companies like Califia and Oatly have created a ripple effect that has helped many smaller companies in the process.

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