Paul David Kennamer, Jr. and Merrilee Jacobs of Eating You Alive

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Director and Producer of Eating You Alive, Paul David Kennamer, Jr. and Merrilee Jacobs sit down with Elysabeth Alfano, host of Awesome Vegans Podcast and Vlog.

The best interviews are always in person. But when I couldn’t get to Tennessee, I decided to have a Skype-type chat.  I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to interview Paul David Kennamer, Jr. and Merrilee Jacobs, the director and producer of Eating You Alive.

I saw Eating You Alive on the big screen and it had a profound affect on me. It got me thinking. Who benefits from me being sick? What do doctors really know about nutrition – if anything at all!?! How much nutrition did they study in medical school – if anything at all?!?  Why have I been so dependent on the advice of those who are skilled in this area? Why did I allow myself to be disempowered when it came to the advice of what to eat and how stay healthy.  And it made me realize: the power I gave away is the power that I can take back.

In a candid and distincly Southern and sweet conversation, Paul, Merrilee and I dish on the making of Eating You Alive, how they came to be vegan, how they have taken back their health and what are their favorite snacks.   I do really encourage you to enjoy the whole interview, so if you can only catch a couple of snippets, here are some of my favorites.

Who benefits from us being sick?

Paul explains why and how he went vegan

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