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You think you know what it means to be a biker? You think you know what it means to be vegan? Think again!

Vegan’s Choice Motorcycle Club…what the heck is that?  Host Elysabeth Alfano dishes with six members of the Vegan’s Choice Motorcycle Club about why they ride, why they’re vegan and just what does it really means to be manly. Buckle up…it’s a trip! Watch and listen in to the Vegan’s Choice Motorcycle Club as Mark Turner, Burak Sarac, Marcin Ozag, Chris Milosh, Chris Green and founder, Phil Nichols talk openly and dispel the myths that being vegan means not being a tough guy.

And of course…they talk about how they get their protein!! For more information on the Vegan’s Choice Motorcycle Club, visit here.

Vegan's Choice Motorcycle Club with Elysabeth Alfano
Vegan's Choice Motorcycle Club with Elysabeth Alfano

Elysabeth Alfano with the Vegan's Choice Motorcycle Club

Here is an updated interview with Burak Sarac who, along with Mark Turner and Chris Sandra, has started their own Vegan Motorcycle Club, the Vegan Knights. Burak is the last half of this video interview on my Radio Show, The Elysabeth Alfano Show, on WCGO Radio.

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For a short clip on being a tough guy and a vegan, watch this!

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