Air-Fried Mushroom Poppers

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You will never make people so happy at a party as you will with this EASY recipe.

Air-Fried Mushroom Poppers! The original bar food! This recipe is so super easy and is great to pull out at parties or for a football game. As always, I came up with this recipe because I had mushrooms that were about to go bad and I was damned if I was going to let that happen. So I googled to see what I could do with them in an air-fryer. I didn’t have any of the ingredients needed
for the recipes I found, so I just made up my own with the ingredients that were in my fridge instead!

I hope you whip out Air-Fried Mushroom Poppers for your next party…or just for yourself. Low in calories, but giving you that feeling of having bar food, this is a no-lose recipe. Let me know how it goes for you!

Air-Fried Mushroom Poppers
Serving Size: 5-6 Mushrooms
Calories: 150-180

11-12 baby bella mushrooms or shitake mushrooms
2.5 Wasa Multigrain Crackers
Large pinch dill
Large pinch oregano
1/2-1 teaspoon paprika
Large sprinkle garlic salt
El Tapatio to taste
2 level TBSP dijon mustard
Vegenaise dipping sauce if desired (not included in calorie count)

Clean and dry mushrooms.
Make your own bread crumbs by pounding crackers and adding to it other dry ingredients.
Coat mushrooms with mustard and El Tapatio.
Warm Airfryer for 3 minutes on 180.

Heavily coat now wet mushrooms in dry mix and put in air fryer. 15 minutes for baby bellas, 12 minutes for shitake. Shake once around 7 minutes. DONE!

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