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This Episode of Awesome Vegans brings you Daniella Monet.

Daniella Monet and Elysabeth Alfano

Want a bit of fresh air? Want to hear someone who has all the beauty? Someone with celebrity fanfare and Instagram followers to take themselves super seriously. However they are down to earth, kind and super smart? Then you are going to love, animal lover Daniella Monet.

Daniella Monet on Awesome Vegans
Behind the Scenes of Awesome Vegans with Daniella Monet

On today’s podcast you will hear how this child actress turned social media star saved her pennies and worked hard every step of the way to turn her success into an entrepreneur streak…and make a strong social impact for people and for animals along the way. Daniella Monet shares how she found her sense of purpose and we can all do the same.  #Inspiration doesn’t even begin to cut it.

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Sit with Monet and discuss vegan lifestyles
Discussing Vegan Foods and Products

What exactly made Daniella go vegan?  What made you go vegan?  If you haven’t gone vegan, what WOULD make you go vegan? Below Daniella discusses the traumatic events that made her take the decision at five years old.

Here is Daniella’s lesson to live by!

Daniella Monet on Awesome Vegans with Elysabeth Alfano
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