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How Can We Support the VegEconomy? vKind! Star Simmons and Michon Javelosa join me on Awesome Vegans. Get with the program and learn about vKind and supporting other vegans through the VegEconomy!

4:00 VKind is a website and app that helps vegans help each other by locating vegan businesses of all trades. From restaurants to accountants to chiropractors, the list goes on and on. VKind helps to fuel the veg economy. Michon describes VKind as “if Angie’s List and Yelp had a vegan baby.” VKind gives people an easy way to find vegan businesses. If you live in a remote area with a low vegan surplus you can use the online services area on the VKind website where you are still able to support vegan businesses online. VKind gives vegans the opportunity to spend their dollars on companies and businesses that align with their values. There are more than 2,500 businesses on the platform right now which is a huge accomplishment considering the website and app only began in December 2020. Any vegan business can go online to and set up a free account and put up a listing on the website to attract more customers.
Star Simmons, Awesome Vegans
12:00 Star explains how VKind was built for the community and is all about powering up the veg economy around the country. Star and Michon want people who have a favorite vegan business in their community to go on the VKind website and suggest a listing for that business. Michon says “we’re trying to make a vegan database for the entire country and eventually the world.” Star and Michon talk about how through Covid they have had to shift their initial plans. They hoped to make it out to every vegan event and that unfortunately was unable to happen. However, they were still able to find so many amazing vegan businesses to add to the site.
Michon Javelosa, Awesome Vegans
20:00 Star and Michon share their stories of when and why they went vegan. Star went vegetarian in 1998 and went completely vegan at the end of 2016. Star had a friend who educated her about factory farming and animal cruelty and it motivated her to change her diet for the animals. Michon became vegetarian in 3rd grade. In 7th grade she moved to a very small town of 10,000 people and began to eat meat again because she was an outcast at school and wanted to fit in. She started becoming vegetarian again in the early 2000s and she went vegan after watching the documentary, Food Inc. Star predicts that in the next three to five years there will be so many more people turning to veganism. Michon predicts that we are going to see more items directly to consumers where it is easier for people to get vegan options.

32:00 Star shares her tips for young vegan entrepreneurs. Tip 1: Surround yourself with positive people who support your vision and your passion. Tip 2: Get yourself a mentor in business if possible. Tip 3: Make sure that you hire the right team. It is all about the team. Michon shares her tips for jump starting your plant-based life. Tip 1: Find an alternative for foods that you love. Don’t feel like you have to lack foods when you switch to vegan. Tip 2: Be gentle with yourself and connect your reason to why you wanted to switch your diet in the first place.

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