Top Ten Reasons to Re-Think Meat

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Re-Think Meat: It’s time.

As the last part of my weekly radio show on WCGO and the Smart Talk Radio Network, I always do my TOP TEN list. Sometimes my Top Ten is health tips or going vegan tips or lifestyle tips or aging backwards tips. This particular week was my Top Ten Reasons to Rethink Meat (and Stop Eating It.) It’s better to watch the video, but here are the cliff notes.

Top Ten Reasons to Re-Think Meat:

1. A good portion of those handling the meat in Factory Slaughterhouses have been infected with Covid-19.
2. Your Health: Chronic Diseases such as Diabetes, Heart Disease and Obesity come from eating meat.
3. Your Wallet: A life of pills is expensive. Plus, meat causes so many diseases that we are over-stessing the Medicare.
4. Your Kids need a planet to live on and animal agrivulture is the leading cause of climate change.
5. Treatment of American workers.
6. Animal Welfare. Obvously.
7. American Innovation: There’s a food war on…shouldn’t we be first?
8. American Capitalism. Animal agriculture relies on subsidies to survive. Since when does American capitalism support businesses that can’t compete by giving them our tax dollars?
9. American Free Speech. Slaughterhouses exist because we aren’t allowed to know what goes on inside. Ag Gag laws prohibit the filming of what goes on inside of factory farms. That’s how they get away with telling you that cows on happy on the side of a milk carton. Nothing could be further from the truth, but you aren’t allowed to know about it.
10. American criminal system. Cruelty to animals means later cruelty to people. If you did to your pet in your backyard, what happens in a slaughterhouse, you would go to jail. It’s criminal. Literally.
11. Bonus: Meat-Borne Pandemics come from eating meat.

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