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What do Bridgid Coulter and Don Cheadle eat at home? Mostly plant-based interior designer Bridgid Coulter talks about her plant-based life, eco-friendly design work and her favorite meals at home with partner Don Cheadle. Tune in for another inspirational episode of Awesome Vegans!

1:40 Bridgid Coulter switched her career from acting to interior design. She is an entrepreneur who loves to follow her passions and was naturally drawn to design but wasn’t sure if she was able to make it a career until a bit later in her life. Bridgid uses many different eco-friendly and plant-based materials like vegan leather or sustainable wood to create the same beautiful look in her home designs. “Eco and sustainable design choices can be stunning.” Sustainability is ingrained into the way she works. When Bridgid thinks about what kind of materials she wants to use in a design she automatically thinks of the sustainable materials available to her.
Bridgid Coulter, Awesome Vegans
8:10 “Blackbird is a collective for women of color and allies.” Bridgid Coulter helped create a productivity, wellness, and community based space called Blackbird. It has a tailored mission for equality, wellness, and self-care. Community space is so vital right now during Covid where working from home all the time can be detrimental to mental health. At Blackbird they have had many different high end events where amazing chefs would come in and cook delicious vegan meals. Their main space is closed right now but they plan to reopen in February 2021 in a new space.
Brigid Coulter, Awesome Vegans
12:14 Brigid Coulter lives with her long-time partner of twenty eight years, actor Don Cheadle and they are primarily plant-based. Bridgid was a vegetarian for ten years and in the past she had dabbled in being plant-based here and there but she and Don fully committed to it last year. Now they consider themselves flexitarians because they eat fish every now and then. Bridgid and Don both cook and because of Covid they have been able to cook every day and they have learned to love it even more. Their family’s go to meal is stir fry with lots of vegetables, rice, and beans because it includes all of their favorite foods. Brigid and her family are very passionate about the environment and that was one of the main reasons her family decided to go plant-based.

18:48 Part of why Bridgid started Blackbird was to put more self-care into people’s lives and workspaces. For example, there is a meditation loft in the middle of the space. Some of Bridgid’s tips for plant-based self-care include movement and eating healthy food. “Movement and breath work is so important.” Eating nutritious foods is a huge part of self-care which is why she brought vegan chefs to Blackbird. One thing Brigid says to herself when she’s having a bad day is to look for the little things that make her happy and to fully feel her emotions and not push them away.

In the last year Don Cheadle and Bridgid Coulter have focused on being primarily plant-based…SO, what do they eat for dinner?!? Find out in this intimate snippet.

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